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“Sino Nasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma” is a rare and aggressive nasal cancer, abbreviated, SNUC.

If you would like to recognize someone impacted by a SNUC diagnosis or who has lost a battle with the disease, please add their name and/or photo to our Faces of SNUC Forum. It would be our honor to celebrate this individual by throughout the day, on April 11th annually. The online forum being setup here will honor those loved ones, allow people to share resources and support.

In concert with The National Day Archives, The Natlie A. Cole-Reagins Education and Cancer Research Foundation ( to establish this annual day and bring national attention to this rare aggressive cancer, while honoring Natlie’s birthday and legacy.  Please join us 4/11, in the privacy of your home, as people from around the world light a candle on this day to support SNUC research and a prospective cure!
Donate!  If everyone individually donated $4.11 this day (or more), could advance the research of this rare cancer, slow its progression, and ultimately develop a cure. On 4/11, engage your social media accounts to share your support of National #SNUCday and the work towards a cure. You are invited to share in our journey!  One hundred percent of all donations made to are committed to SNUC research.  Our foundation collaborates with multiple medical centers specializing in SNUC research and treatment. 
Explore the latest from the Sinonasal Cancer Research Initiative:
An Update on CORSICA, November 2023. Click here for more information.
Collectively, we are greater!  Thank you for your continued support!



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